[x3d-public] Speeding up python JSON validation

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 18:12:22 PDT 2022

I just found out about Numba, a JIT library for Python code.

Where i think this would be valuable in X3D would be in possibly greatly
speeding up JSON validation using JITted code, that is, we could reach
native speeds for validating large numbers of X3D encoded files in Python.
  Numba is not so great at “run once” code.

So I already have a Python based validation program that could possibly
work to validate JSON files,  it would possibly just need some Numba

I don’t want to do this programming myself so i am looking for volunteers
to change my code, or make code that i can use with the 2020-12 JSON schema.

If someone wants to write an XML or VRML validator in Python, that would
would be great too!
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