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X3DJSONLD produces SAI apps,  for the most part, not JavaScript SAI.
 x3d.py, X3DJSAIL, X3DOM and X_ITE are SAI implementations, IMHO.   There
remains a node-java interface to X3DJSAIL in X3DJSONLD that might be used
in some circumstances.

I believe there may be some python-java code for an SAI (pyjnius) in
X3DJSONLD, but this technology has not been proved, and an alternate
solution is x3d.py.

There are places to contribute in X3DJSONLD, particularly in JSON to Python
conversion (without going through another encoding), let me know if you are

Also, one may contribute to an es6x3d project, if one wants to  generate
more modern JavaScript SAI.   This has been moved outside of X3DJSONLD.

I have been working on resting my wrists.

One may already use JSON with X3DOM and X_ITE using X3D Inline elements. If
you have a system where you want to Inline JSON (beyond glTF), let me know.

If anyone wants to use EXI and JSON for compression, let me know!   There
may be an opportunity to use EXI with JSON Schema for improving download


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