[x3d-public] v4 audio examples ?

Andreas Plesch andreasplesch at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 14:54:28 PDT 2022


has the new v4 sound nodes which are based on w3c webaudio standards.


has three examples with somewhat demo specific implementations of used
nodes for x3dom v1.6.


has the same examples plus the single-audio and Inline examples. (The
link to the Web3d tutorial does not work any more).

Are there any other very simple examples, ideally one for each new node ?

For webaudio, Mozilla has basic examples, such as:


While implementing it may make sense to replicate those for x3d.

Thanks, Andreas

PS: I noticed that BufferAudioSource allows for both, input from a
buffer field with MFFloat data as raw PCM, and input from a url field
with an encoded audio file. Do we need to define a preference if both
are defined, non-empty arrays ? webaudio only allows for buffer data
(as binary floats).

Andreas Plesch
Waltham, MA 02453

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