[x3d-public] Potentially important work: Java/Python/JavaScript encoding parsers

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 19:03:14 PDT 2022

We all know about SAI bindings and X3D encodings.

Can I suggest an alternative?  Has anyone considered limited parsers for
X3D Java/Python/JavaScript SAI examples?   That is, don’t use a full
parser/compiler to read examples, use a limited one to reduce the attack
surface of SAI examples.

I believe there is precedent for this.   In the early 1990’s Tim Sullivan
of Independence technologies devised a way to either compile or interpret
specialized apps, like CRUD forms.   It was called iScreen, and one could
use a variety of toolkits, SunView, XView and Motif to write cross-platform
apps.   I took the idea and we developed a programming language that could
be written and read from flat files and C++ variables.   We had a primitive
parser, or you could compile the program with a full blown C++ parser and
link it to a virtual machine.   Today, Cameron Browne is using a “class
grammar” in his Ludii project.

The point is to treat X3D examples half like programs and half like program
encodings.   One should be able to “compile” an encoding example to native
 code.   This is probably a lot like JIT compiling.

Does X3D have a native JIT compiler?  Java?   Can we improve on code we
produce from X3dToJava.xslt to do something even faster?   Can we strip
away the object model, or compile the object model to native code?
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