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from what I can see, from the freely available example author interaction user code, at the first level you can pick a skeleton and a continuous mesh deformable skin, establish skeleton-skin animation bindings, define special features of the skin using a library of typical vertex offsets for the feature on this character, control colors and textures, posing the skeleton and skin, adding accessories, and then think about how to animate the character. The skeleton examples are not quite any exactly x3d hanim but look to abe as complete in some interesting parts as hanim loa4 (they got feet). To me, it looks very possible to create a ‘standard’ x3d humanoid using makehuman encodings which might improve the spine, hip neck, and shoulders articulation, along with creating bindings to several example skins. 

Most of the documentation and general user interface consists of json/gltf or similar text files defining properties of elements of the skeleton and skin and accessories as input to a device that connects everything up to produce a result suitable for includion into a scenegragh, if you had the data.  Of course the data needed is the skeleton hierarchy, the skin mesh, and various index and weight bindings to connect everything up. Of course the data is there, just how to expose it as x3d Hanim? Since the data composing makehuman is exportable to several authoring tools, and since under the covers the data is the same, then of course any character and character animation data can be expressed using x3d and hanim. The tool may move directly from the gui to optimized runtime code structures without exposing text user code such as x3d, but the coordinates, bindings, animation routines, and all the other stuff needed is in there somewhere, witness gltf.

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Is it possible to convert Makehuman models to x3d or any format, that is suitable for rendering or screenshots with a big quality? 

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