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Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Thu Nov 19 14:54:04 PST 2009

Pranveer and I had a followup meeting today.

Don Brutzman wrote:
> thanks for persevering to have a teleconference call today Pranveer.
> i'm glad that we finally found a time that was workable.
> your slideset is on the Web3D Member Documents Directory.
>         http://www.web3d.org
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>         folders CAD > Macro

> the .avi demo video did not work, probably a codec problem, can you
> make a different version?  .mov quicktime or .mpeg is preferred since
> other operating systems can then view it.

a new video will be uploaded soon, using a different video format, and
placed in the member/CAD/macro document directory above.

> it was good to look again at your examples, which are online at
> http://www.macro-parametrics.org/Introduction_12.html
> am hoping that you can get permissions to
> - put one or all examples under an open-source license, for example
>         http://www.web3d.org/x3d/content/examples/X3dResources.html#license

some of the examples can be released as open source, others have copyright
(or other) claims on them.  the examples that free to share will be uploaded
to the macro-parametrics examples page.

Pranveer, if we need some examples to show certain translation capabilities,
or perhaps different CAD formats, then I recommend that you create a few new
examples (that have no legal encumbrances) and add those.  It is important
that we have enough examples that people can repeat this work.  Any new CAD
examples would then also need to be converted using the macro-parametric

Eventually we will build a table that lists the various technical capabilities
covered (corresponding to K models and C models).  Table information can also
indicate which of various CAD formats are supported.

> - put the following versions online:  original cad format, the macro
>         parametric XML, and the converted X3D
> - i hope to publish those examples as part of the X3D Basic Archives
>         http://www.web3d.org/x3d/content/examples/Basic

if you have one example already available, let's start with that.

> - if we can get the examples accomplished this week, we could add them
>         to the X3D Showcase DVD for SIGGRAPH ASIA next week

showcase is too soon for this work, although maybe we can get 1-2 examples.
i remain willing to try if you can get some examples free.

> - i am interested in learning exactly how you used MeshLab and TETGEN
>         (both open source) to accomplish the conversions
>         http://www.meshlab.org
>         TetGen: A Quality Tetrahedral Mesh Generator
>         http://tetgen.berlios.de

Pranveer will show me how to do these steps during my visit to KAIST
9-10 December.  He can also present these on a CAD conference call at
a later date for others who want to learn how to do this.

> - it would also be good to post your XML schema, particularly since that
>         might be something that eventually goes into the X3D Specification

A short description and link to the schema will be placed on the wiki page.

I will produce some corresponding schema documention using XML Spy, similar
to what we have produced for the X3D schemas.  Examples:


> You might want to present this work at the Web3D Korea Chapter meeting
> Monday-Tuesday 8-9 December in Seoul at the Korea Palace Hotel.  I think

correction:  Monday-Tuesday 7-8 December

> that your colleagues in the Korea Chapter would be very interested in
> this work.  Meeting host is Dr. Myeong Won Lee.
> I plan to be at KAIST all day Wednesday 9 December.  However I will need

correction:  Wednesday 9 December

> a ride from Seoul.  Perhaps if you and a classmate are at the chapter
> meeting Tuesday, we might ride down together on Wednesday.  Alternatively
> I could take the bus or train.  What do you think?

tbd.  Byounghyun, might you be able to join us?

> Tomorrow let us also talk about strategy for how this work might advance.
> I think that providing a general solution for converting different CAD
> formats into X3D is very important.  We should document this very well.
> We should try to put the support into different X3D tools.  I think it
> is possible that this might even become part of the X3D Specification.
> Alternatively it might become something like an X3D Recommended Practice.
> Certainly it will be very important for building realistic and large-scale
> X3D worlds.  There are probably also some excellent business opportunities
> for some of our Web3D member companies also.

Unfortunately the precise status of our revised X3D CAD Component is
currently uncertain, Yumetech and EDF need to release an update to the
working group.

Based on discussions that you have had with Professor Han, I wish to
recommend that once we are able to repeat your work (by me and others)
then we start to document it as best makes sense in the form of an
X3D Recommended Practice.  As that matures, and as your full set of
capabilities is completed/published/tested, then the X3D CAD working
group can consider whether that form remains satisfactory, or if we
should propose elevating it as a new contribution to the X3D Specification.

Thanks for reporting all this great progress.  We don't need another
teleconference for a while.  I look forward to seeing your latest/greatest
demonstrations while in Korea, and hope that other Web3D Korea Chapter
members get to see them too.

Please continue to post improvements and additional details as appropriate
to your website and to the wiki.  Take care Pranveer, see you soon.

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all the best, Don
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