[Korea-chapter] [X3D] Agenda items for the Korea chapter meeting (Wed. 5:10pm PST / Thu 9:10am Korea)

Justin Couch justin at yumetech.com
Thu Oct 15 08:52:09 PDT 2009

Don Brutzman wrote:
> umm that would be nice, and agreed with your intent, but we will probably
> need to put some words in there to ensure that there is no 
> misunderstanding.

The way I see it is that the units declaration in the file says "I am in 
  kilometres" so everything presented in that file will be in that units 
group. So anywhere that you have an Import statement or use of an 
externproto, the interfaces will automatically be in that units rather 
than in whatever they use internally. In doing so, the need to specify 
how and what scaling occurs between the various files (or really 
execution contexts if we want to be X3D-specific terminology) is 
automatically and implicitly defined by the spec. Yes the browser has to 
do some multiplies or divides between the two files as the proposed spec 
words talk about, but there shouldn't be a need to call that out 
directly in spec language. Though, I guess, given that we use Examples 
all through the spec, showing something like that may be useful.

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