[Korea-chapter] [X3D] Korea Chapter Meeting, Apr. 6, 5:10pm PDT (Apr. 7, 9:10pm, Korea)

Yvonne Jung yvonne.jung at igd.fraunhofer.de
Thu Apr 7 07:31:59 PDT 2011

Hi all,

concerning a generic usefulness of the H-Anim proposal I'm rather
reluctant. To my mind, the discussed H-Anim extensions are very specific
concerning applicability, character structure, and MoCap data in
general: Motion capture data data comes in various types and formats,
and typically, preprocessing is important since otherwise the acquired
data is often unusable -- especially concerning retargeting, which is
another open issue here.
This definitely needs more discussion. Perhaps we should try to
resurrect the H-Anim WG for that (including the behavior discussing we
stopped by the time Keith left).


On 07.04.2011 05:52, "Myeong Won Lee" wrote:
>  >We are wondering what is the availability of browser implementations.
>  >Myeong Won Lee has implemented Unit browser, available for Windows,
>  >that supports scaling changes only. There is also an H-Anim player for
>  >Android, which is a separate codebase, which will someday get a second
>  >implementation. These are private implementations and not open source,
>  >questions can be sent to Myeong Won Lee.
> I would like to update the H-Anim implementation above.
> We have implemented Windows H-Anim player with motion capture data.
> The Android version is another Mobile X3D viewer that we have implemented.
> However, the mobile viewer has not included the function for H-Anim 
> animation yet.
>  >> 5. Scheduling the next Korea Chapter meetings
>  >>
>  >> April 13, 2011 (2nd Wed) at 5:10pm PDT (Thursday at 9:10am Korea 
> time): CAD WG
>  >I can make it, will be calling from Washington DC
>  >
>  >> April 20, 2011 (3rd Wed) at 5:10pm PDT (Thursday at 9:10am Korea 
> time): AR & e-Learning WG
>  >
>  >if we need more time for e-Learning, we can reschedule that.
>  >it would probably be better to have that on April 27. Myeong-Won Lee
>  >please investigate and decide which subjects on which date will be best.
> Kwan Hee Yoo and Yong Sang Cho agreed with the 4th Wednesday for 
> e-Learning meeting.
> Then, we will have the following meetings splitted:
> 2nd Wed: CAD
> 3rd Wed: AR
> 4th Wed: e-Learning
> 1st Wed: Korea Chapter
> Sincerely,
> Myeong Won
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