[Korea-chapter] Teleconference on X3D and Augmented Reality

Gun A. Lee endovert at postech.ac.kr
Tue Apr 19 17:53:33 PDT 2011

Dear Web3D Consortium Members,

We are having a teleconference on X3D and AR.
Everyone is more than welcome to join us!

Please note that this time, we are having our meeting about an hour later than the regular schedule,
due to the e-Learning group teleconference.

With warmest regards,
Gun Lee

----------- Meeting Details ----------------
Time:  Pacific Time Zone 18:15  Apr 20 (Wed)  / Korea Time Zone 10:15 Apr 21 (Thu)
On the Web3D Consortium Teleconference Line.

Suggested Agenda Items:

1. Review the charter on the wiki page

2. Schedule up to make progress
 - Identify use cases and requirements during May.

3. Secure Participants
 - Need to encourage members on the list of the wiki page to participate
 - New teleconferencing schedule to encourage participants in Europe?
    a. Korea: 6AM / Germany: 10PM / US(PST): 1 PM
    b. Korea: 2PM / Germany: 6AM / US(PST): 9 PM
    c. Korea: 5PM / Germany: 9AM / US(PST): 0 AM

4. Next meeting time
- Together with Korea Chapter Meeting
     PST 17:10  May 11 (Wed)  / KST 09:10  May 12 (Thu)
- AR only Meeting
     PST 17:10  May 25 (Wed)  / KST 09:10  May 26 (Thu)
     (or with the new time frame?)

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