[Korea-chapter] Minutes of Teleconference on X3D and Augmented Reality

Gun A. Lee endovert at postech.ac.kr
Thu Apr 21 02:19:13 PDT 2011

Hi All,

Here are the minutes of today's teleconference on AR WG.
Thank you all for your efforts and time to make contributions.

Warmest regards,
Gun Lee

Minutes of Teleconference on X3D and Augmented Reality

Time:  PST 18:15-19:20  Apr 20 (Wed)  / KST 10:15-11:20 Apr 21 (Thu)
Attendees: Don Brutzman, Richard Puk, Anita Havele, Myeongwon Lee, Gerard J. Kim, Gun Lee


1. Review the charter on the wiki page
==> Had a time to review and edit the charter on the wiki page
==> Revised the charter to refer to this group as a Working Group, and not a SIG anymore.
==> Added calendar section for up coming events and schedules.
==> We still have some sections,  mark with "TODO", that needs editing until next meeting

2. Schedule up to make progress
==> We now have updated schedules on the wiki page.
==> Use case and requirement documents are scheduled to be prepared until summer 2011.

3. Secure Participants
- Need to encourage members on the list of the wiki page to participate
- New teleconferencing schedule to encourage participants in Europe?
   a. Korea: 6AM / Germany: 10PM / US(PST): 1 PM
   b. Korea: 2PM / Germany: 6AM / US(PST): 9 PM
   c. Korea: 5PM / Germany: 9AM / US(PST): 0 AM
==> Anita will be contacting members at Fraunhofer to decide which time frame fits for them.
==> Don suggested to have a circulation between these time frames each meeting. 
==> This will be good for attracting more people from different time zones to participate. 
==> We will discuss this further on our next conference call with members at Fraunhofer.

4. Next meeting time
- Together with Korea Chapter Meeting
    PST 17:10  May 11 (Wed)  / KST 09:10  May 12 (Thu)

- AR only Meeting
    PST 17:10  May 25 (Wed)  / KST 09:10  May 26 (Thu)
==> This is a tentative schedule, and will be updated after arranging the time frame with members at Fraunhofer.

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