[Korea-chapter] Teleconference on X3D and e-Learning SIG

Kwanhee Yoo khyoo at chungbuk.ac.kr
Tue Apr 26 22:39:17 PDT 2011

Dear Web3D Consortium Members,

We are having a teleconference on X3D and e-Learning SIG.

Welcome to join this meeting.

Kwan-Hee Yoo

----------- Meeting Details ----------------
Time:  Pacific Time Zone 17:10  Apr 27 (Wed)  / Korea Time Zone 09:10 Apr 28
On the Web3D Consortium Teleconference Line.

Suggested Agenda Items:

1. Review the charter on the wiki page

2. What do we do during the following meeting:
-Web3D Conference 20-22 June 2011, Paris France (nobody of Korean)
-SIGGRAPH Educators at SIGGRAPH 2011, 9-11 August in Vancouver Canada

3. MOU Progress
    - IMS Global Learning Consortium.

4. ePub
    -IDPF(international digital publishing forum, http://www.idpf.org)
    -ePub2.0.1 (2009)
    -ePub3.0(Working group draft 15. Feb. 2011)- XHTML(HTML5), SVG, Audio,
Video(???), Animation(???), X3D(???)

5. Participants
 - Need to encourage members on the list of the wiki page to participate
 - Let us send e-Mail

6. Next meeting time
- Together with Korea Chapter Meeting
     PDT 17:10 May 11 (Wed) / KST 09:10  May 12 (Thu)
- e-learning SIG Meeting together with AR WG
     PDT 17:10 May 25 (Wed) / KST 09:10  May 26 (Thu)

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