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Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Mon Apr 8 21:36:52 PDT 2013

There have been several discussions about Use Cases for H-Anim.

Is it possible to collect these on the wiki so that recurring review and 
improvement might occur over the coming year?  (Apologies if they are 
there already but I couldn't find them.

I think that these will become pretty valuable when we are ready to triage
- stable prior work
- achievable current work
- important but deferred future work

On 3/18/2013 7:05 PM, William O Glascoe wrote:
> Myeong and I teleconferenced for 60 minutes today and discussed the pros
> and cons of specifying "medical realism" in the humanoid animation
> specification. She asked me to list my ideas for Use Cases and the
> estimated customer segment size (at least in the USA).
> I think the H-Anim WG has to debate the goals of medical realism via
> DICOM imagery (some 51 modality types! 16 have been retired) in the
> context of typical realism known in computer graphics-physical, photo
> and functional.
> I am pondering the implications of introducing "medical realism" into
> the H-Anim specification and what that means for H-Anim authors. At what
> level (nano, micro, meso and macro) bio-spatially do we set as a
> threshold of internal bodily system, tissue, cellular and molecular
> definition matching the four-level skeletal articulation in today's
> H-Anim specification?  We will solicit the Medial working group leaders
> to frame the discussion so we gracefully navigate the parametric human
> being over its lifetime and bio-spatial composition.
> Use Cases (titles only) by Customer Segment (Authors and Consumers):
> High Schoolers (half gross and half fine motor control)
>    Animate individual performance on sport team using official contest
> times (and/or video footage, body sensors, MoCap, etc.) <6 minutes
>    Animate a schoolyard fight between only two students (<4 minutes)
>    Animate his/her character in a school play's scene (< 5 minutes)
> Undergraduates (some fine motor control)
>    Animate assembly of consumer product requiring three or more tools
> and the assistance of another person (<15 minutes)
>    Animate the operation of a motor vehicle's controls while the vehicle
> is in motion (<15 minutes)
>    Animate the operation of a human powered vehicle on various surfaces
> (<10 minutes)
> Graduates (a lot of fine motor control)
>    Animate playing a musical instrument during a concert performance (<
> 15 minutes)
>    Animate folding a load of functionally realistic clothes (< 20 minutes)
>    Animate hunting wild game (<20 minutes)
> Post-Graduates
>    Animate four classes of surgical procedures with Bio-CAD and
> patients' images (replacement, implantation, ...tetomy and
> transplantation) [<60 minutes]
>    Animate a job interview for a white collar position (e.g., Chief
> Executive Officer of a mid-size corporation) [<30 minutes]
>    Animate dying (fratricide, suicide and homicide) [<15 minutes]
> Professionals
>    Animate long duration spaceflight effects [<180 minutes; representing
> 18,000 minutes]
>    Animate the bends (scuba diving incident) [<60 minutes]
>    Animate drug addiction [<60 minutes]
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