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Thank You, Myeong and All,

> 1. Skin feature points

Starting with:


Annex B
Figure B.1 ? Feature points on the human body
(location and index number)
Table B.1 ? Feature points
(name and index number)
These define basic surface feature points of the humanoid.

Next, please give attention to:
Annex A
Table A.3,5,7,9 etc ? LOA 1,1,2,3,n:Default 
Site object translations
for inclusion and consistency.
(Several pairs of Tables defining
LOA0,1,2,3 Joint and Site objects
between long listings of VRML user code.)

Appendix B: Suggested Displacer Nodes

Xface: MPEG-4 Based Open Source Toolkit for 3D Facial Animation

Other links:



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> The H-Anim WG meeting will be held with agenda items as follows:
> 1. Skin feature points
> 2. Use cases for H-Anim
> 3. Motion Definition and hanim file format
> 4. Scope of the NWIP
> http://web3d.org/wiki/index.php/H-Anim
> 5. Scheduling next meeting
> (3rd Mon) May  20th at 5:00pm PDT (21st, 9:00am KST) or
> (1st Wed) June 5th at 5:00pm PDT (6th, 9:00am KST)
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