[semantics-public] John’s New Focus: bvh in “MineCraft”

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Sun Apr 24 22:25:01 PDT 2022

➢ Joe,   I was hoping to obtain/create .bvh files for any motion needed.

Well, OK John, the bvh files will contain a definition of the skeleton and keyframe data for the motion. In the end, the user code will end up the same, that is, sets of timer(s) and position and orientation interpolators. Which skeleton are you going to use? 

From: John Carlson
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Subject: Re: John’s New Focus: bvh in “MineCraft”

Joe,   I was hoping to obtain/create .bvh files for any motion needed.

I am trying to decide between 

Choreography Pose Identication
Body Movement Recognition
Body Motion Recognition 

(Possibly increasing numbers of data points).

Some kind of LOD is indicated for animation, even fractal.  Or multi resolution animation, depending on frame rate???

Goal is to round trip from semantics to data points and back to semantics.   In the Virginia Reel,  the semantics are added by the move caller.

On Sun, Apr 24, 2022 at 7:26 PM Joseph D Williams <joedwil at earthlink.net> wrote:
The code for this. Joekick  is in the Hanim archive. 
John, if I can help you determine steps for a ‘standard’ sort of animation, please look at this example and I can help look  through it and see this technique. For other projects like chem markup, the idea was to use a style sheet operation to read the dance markup and generate some Hanim user code to make the movement. 
All  Best, 
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Subject: Re: John’s New Focus: bvh in “MineCraft”
The main idea, I think is to tie .bvh files to DanceWriting poses, then figure out some way to interpolate .bvh files for the final animation.
If we can recognize faces, can we recognize body motions?   Any help with this would help me.
On Sun, Apr 24, 2022 at 5:42 PM John Carlson <yottzumm at gmail.com> wrote:
It seems like my focus is drifting into Doug’s “crowds” in the form of dance troupes.   In particular, I am thinking of modeling the “Virginia Reel” and possibly other folk dancing (square dancing).
For this, I will need some kind of notation.  So far I have chosen DanceWriting.org, but I’m open to other suggestions.  The idea would be for choreographers to model at a high level, like saying “pirouette” or clicking or an “animicon” without specifying low level details.  I realize this can be done with X3D PROTOs.   I realize that this should be internationalized.
The model for this is MineCraft.   I should have an inventory of dance moves, and crafting tools to built more complex moves.  And I should be able to move dancers on a stage and assign them dance moves at different times.
Ultimately I’d like to do some kind of motion capture to create programmes (in many senses of the word).   Think of the human body as the architecture (in terms of instructions one might give).
If someone could point me at pre-existing BVH motion files, that would be super helpful.   I’m going to start searching.
The goal of all of this is to create a “movement crafting tool”, along the lines of SignWriting.org, that could be used to create programmes.   That is, use something like Kinect to input and edit programmes.
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