[X3D-Public] Importing H-Anim Avatars into Seamless3d 2.151

Joe D Williams joedwil at earthlink.net
Mon May 18 11:21:00 PDT 2009

> This does not make sense for a human backbone.

Good, I will take a closer look at those measurements.

> You also have pivot points outside of the skin.

OK, I will see. But the item is a joint and the measurement of 
interest is the center, which describes the point in skeleton space 
around which that joint will rotate.

> You also have a vertex in each hand that overlaps an adjacent 
> triangle edge.

Ooops. I thought I only saw that in the left hand.

One thing that can be seen from this model is that most all of the 
important named SIte and 'standard' feature markers are each an actual 
skin vertex. I think this is impotant because in general, a Site or 
other feature marker would move along with a joint or segment and thus 
the skin. This model is missing skin detail for toes and maybe more 
importantly, more 'standard' feature markers for the face.

For instance:


shows all the 'standard' feature markers, and it seems like more need 
to be defined in order to get some usefull transportable facial 
animation. Now there are less than 10 verts for the entire head.

For now, this also means that the original user code is not quite 
ready to convert to the your export form because I still need comments 
to keep track of the vertex numbers for future demo of H-AnIm 
Displacer node.

Thanks Again and Best Regards,


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