[X3D-Public] [WWW-Vrml] Importing H-Anim Avatars intoSeamless3d 2.151

Joe D Williams joedwil at earthlink.net
Mon May 18 15:44:16 PDT 2009

>> This does not make sense for a human backbone.
> Good, I will take a closer look at those measurements.

Right, here is what is should be:

       DEF Joe_vl1 HAnimJoint { name "vl1" center 0.0 1.1459 -0.0625
        DEF Joe_vt12 HAnimJoint { name "vt12" center 0.0 1.179 -0.068 
         DEF Joe_vt11 HAnimJoint { name "vt11" center 0.0 
1.2145 -0.0755
          DEF Joe_vt10 HAnimJoint { name "vt10" center 0.0 1.242 -0.09
           DEF Joe_vt9 HAnimJoint { name "vt9" center 0.0 1.268 -0.1

In talking about markers for parts, I had found the desired location 
for that center by positioning a marker, then didn't update the joint 
center number. So that was a good catch, but the fix you suggested 
looked a bit off for this one.


shows the LOA3 joint centers for the NIST-derived humanoid example. I 
simplified this slightly by making x all mostly zero so the spine was 
straight in that axis, instead of offset right and left by small 
amounts. Then I adjusted the y and z to give the overall shape I 
thought looked reasonable. All close to the spec measurements, but not 
required to be the same, since I am adjusting slightly for the 
MANGLOSS skin. Anyway, thanks for the comment on that or any others.

Corrected shown at:




The second one has the topic joint area highlighted

Thanks Again and Best Regards,

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