[X3D-Public] Web City Office Towers 3D World - New YouTube Video

x3d-public x3d-public at 3dnpvei.com
Thu Oct 6 15:19:58 PDT 2011

Hello all, We are pleased to present the second video in
the Office Towers series, featuring original music by
upcoming artist Maiya Sumiko. Best viewed in full screen
mode, this HD video includes world features not previously
shown, plus some new developments. You will first see how
the teleport works by seamlessly traveling from the Train
Station to the main Office Towers world. There you will
briefly see the new avatar locator Radar. The avatar will
then enter a car for a short drive to a boardroom meeting.
At the meeting you will be able to see a NASA YouTube
video running inside the virtual world and learn about
future plans. Lastly, a small trip to the space station
will show the earth, stars and the moon components of the
world. Written in X3D/VRML, this is a virtual world you
can go into yourself over the internet with a computer.
Visitor registration is quick, easy and free. Please visit
officetowers.com for more information and vote for our new
video on YouTube if you can. See you there. Enjoy!

The OT Team,

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