[X3D-Public] Player support for X3D components - confirmation request

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Tue Jul 31 06:00:10 PDT 2012

On 7/22/2012 6:17 PM, Michalis Kamburelis wrote:
> Don Brutzman wrote:
>> Request:  can companies and individuals who are building and maintaining
>> player (viewer) support for X3D please confirm the various levels of
>> capability (profiles and components) which they provide.
>> It has been good to see that some Web3D Consortium members are
>> occasionally posting updates.
>> Corrections and improvements by the X3D community are also welcome.
>> If additional players ought to be listed, please advise.  Thanks everyone.
>> http://www.web3d.org/x3d/wiki/index.php/Player_support_for_X3D_components
> Then I'd like to repeat my question from 2011 and 2009: It would be great if someone added view3dscene
> (http://castle-engine.sourceforge.net/view3dscene.php) to the list of
> players. As I'm not a consortium member, it seems I can't do it by myself.

I have updated the page, transcribing from your support page.  As you might imagine this is a bit tricky and time consuming.

Please let me know if there are any mistakes and I will correct them.  Thanks for reviewing and for your keeping detailed track of support levels for view3dscene.

> - We handle X3D XML encoding, X3D Classic encoding, VRML 97 and VRML 1.0.
> - The latest version (in shapsnots) supports features from X3D 3.3 (UNIT, MetadataBoolean, minor other fields; but without "Volume Rendering" *yet*).
> - The list of supported components and levels is on
> http://castle-engine.sourceforge.net/x3d_implementation_status.php , with links to details.
> If you have any questions about what is/is not supported, please ask :)

hopefully I got it, thanks for your many efforts Michalis.

all the best, Don
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