[X3D-Public] interest in network sensor / client based server software

Christoph Valentin christoph.valentin at gmx.at
Sun Jan 5 14:59:34 PST 2014

Hi all
Would be curious to know about interest in Network Sensor (aka Event Stream Sensor).
I know the work on Network Sensor is currently stopped (at least in Web3D consortium).
On the other hand I know Sven-Erik has posted some mails about defining a communication protocol for Network Sensor.
I know Don cares for DIS.
I know the product BS Collaborate from Bitmanagement.
And I know Octaga player did support / supports Network Sensor, but Octaga Collaboration Server is not / was not available as a product.
Did I miss something?

Now to second topic: In the hobby projects SrrTrains v0.01 (Simulated Railroad Trains) and SMUOS (Simple Multiuser Online Scenes) I rely on what I call "client based server software (CBSS)".

I.e., using the "set_" prefix to distribute states calculated by CBSS in a "controller" scene instance.

Would be curious, whether this approach of CBSS is
   a) already well-known, I just re-invented the wheel
   b) maybe of interest for a broader community.

In case of (b) I updated the proposal paper "Controller Roles / Network Semaphores",

which is available at http://smuos.wordpress.com/docu/  (look for 2013-08-23 "Controller Roles / Network Semaphores)

I know, best would be to directly confront Bitmanagement with this paper, but I prefer to send it to public mailing list.

Have fun

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