[X3D-Public] Touch interface and X3D players

Dirk Coenye info at dfirefire.be
Mon Jul 14 22:31:54 PDT 2014

Hello Dave,

I'd like to second your question. I myself am very interested in a touch interface solution for X3DOM. As the devices are more and more shifting towards touch, X3D and it's viewers cannot (should not)  stay behind. 
I haven't found touch in the X3DOM specs yet, hope it arrives soon...

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Dirk Coenye
dfirefire Software Solutions 

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Onderwerp: [X3D-Public] Touch interface and X3D players

Hello folks,

Wondering what the 'state of the art' is for touch input (ie on a 
Windows tablet, for example).

Has any work been done regarding interaction, such as Examine, Fly, etc. 
related to one-finger-drag, two-finger drags, taps, etc.?

I know that Contact, for example, runs on a Surface, but not sure how 
touch inputs are mapped. Assuming some sort of mouse emulation.

Is this configurable in Contact? Any other players? Is it addressed in 
the spec at all?

Dave A.

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