[X3D-Public] [x3dom-developers] initial X3D JSON conversion support using X3dToJson.xslt

Cecile Muller newsletter at wildpeaks.fr
Mon Oct 13 04:28:53 PDT 2014

Hi everyone,

thanks for the replies :)

> Only, if you write [...]so this is more a VRML/X3D-inspired format, not
"real X3D".[...], do you mean the "3D universe" will rather split into two

I meant that I'm kinda looking at it from the perspective of "if I was
starting from scratch today, what would I need" than a conversion of an
existing format to JSON, hence I'd totally understand if some things might
not fit the goals of JSON X3D because it's probably more important for a
standard with multiple encodings to be able to convert seamlessly between

> I think there shouldn't be a default type. Otherwise an application needs
to know these default values, which again makes it harder to implement

I hesitated with the default _type and you're right, let's always specify
the value: not only it is more explicit, but also the definition is usable
even without knowing the container context (and remains valid even if moved
to another container that doesn't have (or uses a different) default _type,
hence it's simpler and safer to require _type to have a value).

See you,
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