[x3d-public] dual use of script tag in HTML environment

Leonard Daly Leonard.Daly at realism.com
Fri Nov 11 10:08:32 PST 2016


> I am trying to make cobweb and cobweb_dom html5 compatible, so there 
> is no requirement to use xhtml. xhtml is not used much at all and may 
> face extinction,
> The implication for x3d spec. is that it would be better to have the 
> field definitions in an attribute rather as in child nodes. Something like
> <script ... fields=' "inputOnly SFBool isOver" "outputOnly SFColor 
> diffuseColor_changed" '>
> That would be also more concise.

This would get really messy if a field were inputOnly MFString and you 
needed to specify multiple values in form '"v1" "v2" "v3" ...'. Also if 
there are a lot of fields, especially with a large collection of values 
(e.g., MFVec3D) you could run into attribute value character limitations.

If X3D is to be declarative, then all programming nodes (i.e., Script 
and Shader) should be eliminated and new nodes added that provide for 
the most commonly needed features.

Programmatic access and support can be added through new capabilities 
that allow scripts to access scene information, but not be controlled by 
the event system. Perhaps some nodes that convert events back and forth 
to direct access would solve much of the problem.

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