[x3d-public] Essential Characteristics of X3D

Leonard Daly Leonard.Daly at realism.com
Mon Nov 21 07:24:44 PST 2016


> X3Dom and apot (POPbuffer) make upload 3d model to the web easy
> but the X3D standard has always bugged me ( I don't remember if it was 
> lack of user friendly tools, the runtime engines, lack of externProto 
> resources, unsuitable LODs nodes)
> I have played with three.js ( I updated quadtree sphere to three.js 
> v78), I find the work been done using three.js inspiring, but for me I 
> hate the writing 100+ lines of coding just do something that I get 
> free in X3Dom
> on my wishlist is to do virtual world using Web3D technology , (I 
> started with cult3D, looked at shout3D), but X3D is missing what I need :(

Can you elaborate more on what it is that you need?

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3D Systems & Cloud Consultant
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