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[added X3D WG]

The datatype is determined by the field (attribute name in XML-speak). 
That is the only way to differentiate between SFString and MFString in 
the following cases

XML: attribute=' "value" '
VRML: attribute "value"

In this case 'attribute' could be of type SFString or MFString. All are 
legal constructs. The first case defines either an SFString or an 
MFString containing exactly one element.

To specify a null array (an array with no elements) just brackets are used

XML: attribute=''
VRML: attribute [ ]

for the spec text.

Leonard Daly

> Excuse me if I've missed it, but how do you specify an empty MFString array? If double quotes are optional, '' (empty attribute value) would mean an empty SFString, i.e. [""] if an MFString is expected, not [].
> Yves
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