[x3d-public] Scripts and Proto-X in V4

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Mon May 22 21:25:23 PDT 2017

On 5/22/2017 3:36 AM, John Carlson wrote:
> Vincent,
> I believe effort should be spent on a second implementation of Proto-X nodes and Scripts so they can be standardized.  If they require eval and lack of a real script node and are somewhat difficult to debug, so be it.
> John

I agree.  Code is malleable and this support can be added to X3DOM, matching Cobweb's achievement.

- an HTML script element is not the same as an X3D Script node

- Prototypes have been implemented many times in many ways (including InstantReality).  X3DJSAIL just had a fix for nested ProtoInstance nodes this evening.  Perhaps ProtoExpander pattern could be a preprocessor in X3DOM if considered onerous otherwise.

X3D is a content standard, not an implementation mandate.  Onward with X3DOM, Cobweb and X3D v4.

all the best, Don
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