[x3d-public] Scripts and Proto-X in V4

Joe D Williams joedwil at earthlink.net
Fri May 26 19:17:08 PDT 2017

> not an implementation mandate.

well, there are and must be some defined results, like if a thing is 
stated to be an x3d visualization/interaction, then it must be 
produced using structure and syntax mandated by the x3d standard. Some 
example user code and some example results of the execution model are 
presented as an implementation standard which in most all cases must 
be treated as a mandate. Regardless of the instantaneous style of the 
code content of the bundle, if it can be reconstituted as standardized 
x3d user code for x3d.versionWhatever, then it is x3d.

So, is that like saying that it doesn't matter what is under the 
covers as long as it performs like x3d then it is x3d. BUt then, you 
must be able to push the correct button that gets you human readable 
user code syntax as defined in the X3d standard. For full x3d support, 
there is the authortime user code structure and syntax. For the 
runtime there are some defined results and we got some pictures from 
the old days and some current and new tools that do both.

Thanks Again,

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> On 5/22/2017 3:36 AM, John Carlson wrote:
>> Vincent,
>> I believe effort should be spent on a second implementation of 
>> Proto-X nodes and Scripts so they can be standardized.  If they 
>> require eval and lack of a real script node and are somewhat 
>> difficult to debug, so be it.
>> John
> I agree.  Code is malleable and this support can be added to X3DOM, 
> matching Cobweb's achievement.
> - an HTML script element is not the same as an X3D Script node
> - Prototypes have been implemented many times in many ways 
> (including InstantReality).  X3DJSAIL just had a fix for nested 
> ProtoInstance nodes this evening.  Perhaps ProtoExpander pattern 
> could be a preprocessor in X3DOM if considered onerous otherwise.
> X3D is a content standard, not an implementation mandate.  Onward 
> with X3DOM, Cobweb and X3D v4.
> all the best, Don
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