[x3d-public] cannot update SVN on X3D sourceforge. Please removesupposed virus.

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Sat May 27 15:28:31 PDT 2017

I no longer checkout the legacy folder as I discovered a way to check out a
subfolder.   I am not sure what happened to the tree.

On May 27, 2017 11:37 AM, "Don Brutzman" <brutzman at nps.edu> wrote:

> Good analyses and recaps, thanks everyone.  Sorry to hear that this is a
> lingering problem.  Here is more information again.
> Yes Flux was in open source on sourceforge.  Then it wasn't there...
> apparently files were deleted leaving an empty tree.  It took several
> months of following up with SourceForge... then I got an anonymous message
> from a sourceforge administrator "hey go look at this link" and, after
> recommitting some files, we got the tree back.  Reportedly SourceForge
> later modified their process to prevent anyone taking a code tree _out_ of
> open source.
> As before: the .exe file is in the "legacy" tree maintained for archival
> purposes...  there is typically no need to get those files for any active
> development.  Further any of the files can be inspected or downloaded by
> the web interface:
>         https://sourceforge.net/p/x3d/code/HEAD/tree/
>         https://sourceforge.net/p/x3d/code/HEAD/tree/legacy/
> I am really reluctant to take anything out of the legacy historical
> archive, especially given the troubling history of this particular
> codebase.  Past achievements matter.
> Most of what is in that legacy tree consists of prior X3D Showcase DVDs,
> which are extensive.  There are multiple executables in there, many are
> quite old.  All passed virus checks back in the day.  So it is quite
> possible that future virus alerts will also occur on some of these assets,
> even if they are no longer runnable.
> John, for development, still not understanding why you don't avoid the
> problem completely and only check out the active branch?
>         https://sourceforge.net/p/x3d/code/HEAD/tree/www.web3d.org/
> which prompts
>         svn checkout --username=*MySourceForgeUserName*
> svn+ssh://*MySourceForgeUserName*@svn.code.sf.net/p/x3d/code/ x3d-code
> or
>         svn checkout --username=*MySourceForgeUserName*
> https://svn.code.sf.net/p/x3d/code/ x3d-code
> Given that the web3D.org has completely crashed + burned + been lost, more
> than once in our nearly 2-decade history, I think it would be a regrettable
> mistake to delete any of our safely archived assets.
> If there are further things we should do - better instructions, additional
> README warnings, instructions in X3D Resources, whatever - great, all
> improvements welcome.
> Sincerely yours, the friendly neighborhood Web3D SourceForge administrator!
> On 5/26/2017 6:33 PM, Joe D Williams wrote:
>> the "SetupFluxStudio.exe"
>> didn't Tony turn some of Flux over to open source at some time? Then
>> hanim got crippled when the realtime interactive chat show didn't need skin
>> anymore, but the studio was even better and a model for anything that is
>> out there now. Hopefully all intentions of flux aimed at X3D can help give
>> us a living interactable gltf object to use in (x)html and x3d as we wish.
>> Those must have been the days. Always worldview or flux or BSContact and
>> Java3D, then octaga and instant and others I have not exploited nearly as
>> much as Flux. Proofs that x3d can be an embedded object in (x)html
>> interfacing with the parent DOM in an orderly way, and vice-versa. Now
>> contact expands x3d, x3dom along with cobweb point toward even greater
>> freedom, and gltf and src present us with even more fantasical tricks for
>> reusable functionality.
>> sorry for divergence, but flux won't run in latest win or any current
>> device anyway, I'm sure. I think even XP from middle on would not run it
>> anymore. Maybe it was me that forgot to keep a really old box that would
>> run the players from win95 and early XP so we could test those VRML, X3D
>> Classic, and X3D XML 3.0 and 3.1 (maybe) examples, because flux and
>> bscontact were the basis for most all examples developed up to some time.
>> Was the best for example development alongside BSContact, more advanced
>> than cosmo and worldview, really fast scenegraph and best dx render and
>> lots of script and SAI-like operations really worked and could be an active
>> namespace object in many versions of the chaos that went on in in every
>> browser developing the html object element.
>> So, no hestation for cutting flux from current roundup because no longer
>> a factor, but for quality and dedication and understanding of the problem
>> details, and making fine looking interactive pixels, should always be
>> considered and probably actually is being considered somewhere at this
>> moment.
>> Thanks and Best,
>> Joe
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>> 2017-04-24 13:19 GMT+02:00  <yottzumm at gmail.com>:
>>>> Is the file signed (probably the signature has to be up-to-date too)?
>>>> I would have more of a case then, see:
>>> In this case, I guess that the "SetupFluxStudio.exe" is from
>>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flux_%28software%29 which is not active
>>> anymore. So if it's not signed already, then there's probably no chance
>>> for a new version signed by any original developer.
>>> Probably it's indeed best to remove it from SVN repository.
>>> I fear a bit how will this affect other software (including my own...)
>>> on Windows. If Microsoft is getting such aggressive about exe signing
>>> (treating it as a virus, and not allowing you to submit it as
>>> false-positive), then some of my software is in trouble too:)
>>>> I wonder if there’s an option for SVN?
>>> I don't believe there is, because there's nothing SVN could do. SVN does
>>> this:
>>> 1. Download data from the Internet, place it in
>>> "C:/x3d-code/.svn./.../pristine/xxx" file.
>>> 2. Sometime later: try to move "C:/x3d-code/.svn./.../pristine/xxx" to
>>> "C:/x3d-code/xxx".
>>> Between 1. and 2., the virus checker removes the file.
>>> You can't easily change the way SVN works here, without breaking some
>>> SVN functionality. It's actually useful that it keeps a "pristine"
>>> copy, and it's reasonable that the file is copied later (to only
>>> update your working copy once everything downloaded correctly).
>>> I can imagine many other software (like other version control
>>> systems), including my own (when I save downloaded files to a
>>> temporary location) getting broken by the behavior of such virus
>>> checker.
>>> Regards,
>>> Michalis
> all the best, Don
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