[x3d-public] X3DJSONLD ported to X_ITE 4.0.7, Java (availability to contract otherports of X3D JSON -> DOM)

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Sun Feb 11 12:15:38 PST 2018

X3DJSONLD (JSON -> DOM)  has been ported to X_ITE 4.1.3:



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Subject: X3DJSONLD ported to X_ITE 4.0.7, Java (availability to contract otherports of X3D JSON -> DOM)

X3DJSONLD has been ported to X_ITE 4.0.7, with many examples from X_ITE/Cobweb Library working with X3D JSON built into X_ITE via an extension (3-4 file extension available upon request—The X_ITE version is not checked into a repository, but may be found in my cobweb fork).  Extension also available in X3DJSONLD as part of an X_ITE build. This includes the now infamous importJS to import a JavaScript Object (similar to importDocument, but for JS instead of DOM).   As usual, my version of X_ITE works with JSON documents in URLs. As evidenced by x_iteexamples*.html.  I’m not saying every example will work yet—yours may though—around 30 or so X_ITE examples work—I can send you a zip of X3D converted to JSON by X3dToJson.xslt.  It’s worth a try, and you can help me debug X3DJSONLD.


Main X3DJSONLD web page will be updated when my VRML script works with X3DJSONLD.  There was a significant change to X3dToJson.xslt which normalized scripts. Yipe!

There’s a new protocol to start a browser with X_ITE and examples of that are now included in X3DJSONLD.

I had difficulty with the current version of X_ITE that’s on the CDN (4.1.4 I think), and in the repository. I’m not expecting the repository to work, but CDN—there may have been a problem with my shader?  Perhaps I hadn’t quite ported yet?  4.0.7 works quite nicely.  Is there a better version to use?

This may be the last free version of X3DJSONLD for some time.   Get yours while it’s hot!

Also, I continue support for X3DOM in limited form with X3DJSONLD…VRML script is still broken.

Also, for your Java X3D JSON -> DOM needs, X3DJSONLD.java is available with X3DJSONLD.   This might be used to bootstrap development of Xj3D to support X3D JSON (hint hint). I am available to port X3D JSON to JSON and DOM-based platforms for contract rates of $90/hour—email me with subject “X3D JSON -> DOM port”  I estimate around 3 days total to do a port once the base language, browser, and libraries are groked.   Early buyers can get it for $2000 fixed price. I am familiar with JavaScript, Java, C++, Python, etc. and can become familiar quickly with similar programming environments—yes, I’ve even used versions of Pascal as an undergraduate.  Note that the environment should support JSON and DOM already, particularly creating a DOM and reading JSON.  The Java version has been reworked to be more understandable, comes as a single file, and has been tested with good results on HelloWorldProgramOutput from X3DJSAIL (the only test case I’ve verified so far I am afraid), and works with Java 9.  If you use an already language that’s already been ported, I will cut the price in half to $1000.  With fast results and NDA’s if needed.  You’ll probably at least have to provide me with your browser interface to external parsers (XML or DOM interface ala importDocument), and provide a way to handle JSON inlines—dispatch to me when you get a JSON file.  The more code I get up front, the faster I will work!

The Java port was supported by Don Brutzman of NPS, with his excellent work on X3DJSAIL (which provides DOM import and XML export).  Note that scripting has not been tested with Java, but works with X_ITE VRMLscript.

All in all, I have customized ports of X3DJSONLD to Cobweb, X_ITE, X3DOM, Java, and XSeen, so I have quite a bit of experience doing this.  You’ll get an early boost on your X3D JSON development for a reasonable price!



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