[x3d-public] ideal points in IndexedFaceSet

Andrey Filippov andrey at elphel.com
Fri Feb 16 11:44:19 PST 2018

We are using x3d models to present long-range 3d scenes captured by a quad stereo camera. And really far objects do not have the distance resolved, so they should be treated as at infinity. We first tried to use background node for such images, but it is not very convenient - we had to provide all 6 images (only one is real), and extend the camera image to match the stereo angle to 1/6 of the full sphere. The rest of the models consist of multiple surfaces as IndexedFaceSet (the viewer is here: https://community.elphel.com/3d+map, just the models: https://community.elphel.com/3d+map/models/). So we ended up with just a very far (at 10,000 m with the rest of the objects closer than 1000m) IndexedFaceSet instead of the background.

Can it make sense to extend IndexedFaceSet (and possibly some other nodes) to use ideal points (x,y,z,0) without increasing number of the point coordinates?
For our particular application just a single boolean would do, but other applications might benefit from a mixture of the finite and and ideal points by providing a per-vertex boolean array. This can make more uniform representation to replace background and suggest a straightforward way to export the model to the systems that do not support objects at infinity.

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