[x3d-public] ideal points in IndexedFaceSet and potential use of Homogeneous Coordinates

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Sun Feb 18 08:24:28 PST 2018

In addition to shaders, Script nodes and Prototype definitions are extensibility mechanisms for experimenting using X3D.

Topical references follow.

	Wikipedia: Homogeneous coordinates

	Song Ho Ahn: Homogeneous Coordinates

	Tom Dalling: Explaining Homogeneous Coordinates & Projective Geometry

	Oleksandr Kaleniuk: Programmer’s guide to homogeneous coordinates

	Yan-Bin Jia: Homogeneous Coordinates (Com S 477/577 Notes)

	Jamie King: Homogeneous Coordinates

	Jamie King: What Homogeneous Coordinates Mean

Of further note is that last month's meeting of Korea Chapter in Seoul showed in-depth work by Kwan Hee Yoo experimenting with streaming 360 video.  Seems pretty clear that support for 360 imagery and video will be appropriate in X3D v4 to further extend the capabilities of Background and TextureBackground nodes.  Considering use of see-through displays for Mixed Augmented Reality (MAR) in X3D v4.1 also means that we'll need similarly effective support for live-video and recorded-video inputs.

So an even larger range of both implementation and specification work is likely to become possible as community and consortium steadily increases support for image processing and display using X3D.

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