[x3d-public] Discussion of API to generate X3D documents, based on X3D Object Model and X3DSAIL

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 03:12:52 PST 2018

So I’m starting to work an API to generate X3D documents. I think I want something based on X3DObject in X3DJSAIL, probably as an extension of X3DJSAIL, so your help would be appreciated.  I am thinking something like

X3DObject obj = X3DObject.generateSemiRandomScenegraph(seed);
X3DObject obj2 = X3DObject.generateCompleteScenegraph(seed);

Then similar to how toStringX3D() goes down through hierarchy, I would have a generate…Scenegraph(); at each node.  I would need some probabilistic or occurrence-based configuration to generate the number of children and which attributes get set and which nodes get generated.   My question becomes, how to I generate things which are dependent on each other?   Like DEF/USE, Routes, and IndexedFaceSet attributes, for example.  I think I can do this through something similar to validation, but I haven’t spent much time thinking about it--generateValid()???  Have you spent anytime thinking about it?

What do you think about extending X3DJSAIL, and how do I go about getting my changes integrated?   Should I start a similar independent stylesheet which just does generation?  Should I output a different language than Java?

Your thoughts are welcome!

The only reason I am doing this Is to test the schema.  If you have a better approach, let me know!

Also, if anyone has done any occurrence-based analysis of X3D documents, I would be eager to hear about it.


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