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Although I am in a position to readily find the documents, discussions, and people to answer these questions, I think it'll be more useful for  me to answer off the top of my head, as one gauge of how much information or misinformation is out here.

> On Feb 24, 2018, at 10:06 PM, John Carlson <yottzumm at gmail.com> wrote:
> Do you know what X3D JSON is?
X3D JSON is an additional encoding for X3D, complementing the existing XML, Classic VRML, and binary encodings. An existing X3D file in the XML encoding can be losslessly and with minimal semantic input converted into json text and back. The JSON encoding is useful when your execution environment already has facilities for sending, receiving, and parsing streams of JSON text. It is particularly seamless to use when your execution code is written in javascript.

> Are you using X3D JSON?
> Do you plan to use X3D JSON in the near future?
An application I have in mind would be the json-based Metadata scanner. When we have applications where significant domain information is being stored in Metadata nodes, there may be a use-case for downloading a json-encoded X3D file not for rendering in a browser but just for scanning the Metadata nodes. It may even be possible to have the server strip out the bulkiest attributes in an X3D file such as vertex coordinates.

> What is currently missing to prevent you from using X3D JSON?
> Do you use the X3D JSON schema and schema validators?
I do not use them but strongly recommend developing and maintaining the validators. I have found the X3D Validator very important in development of a STEP->X3D translator.

> Would you like to see an upgrade of the Draft 04 X3D JSON schema to Draft 06 or higher?
> What new software would you like to see added to support X3D JSON?
It may well be that such a tool already exists and is readily available, but one such tool would be a XML encoding --> json encoding converter that is straight forward to deploy in a open-source web server application -- Ubunto host, Apache HTTP, Python-based web framework.

> Do you have any other comments, re:  X3D JSON?
> Thanks,
> John
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