[x3d-public] Applying for position of Senior Systems Tester and Generator

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 03:21:58 PDT 2019

How does one apply for a position of Senior (or even Junior 😊) Systems Tester and Generator for X3D?

What do people think about creating a testing and validation working group?  Or is that the responsibility of NIST?

I am thinking that the role of the testing group would be:

1. Transpile scenegraphs to Python, C/C#/C++, JavaScript, Java, XML, VRML and JSON from native formats
2. Publish build logs to web
3. Do roundtrip regression testing at regular intervals for all formats
4. Maintain build, CI, and test systems.
5. Create languages or APIs which express transformations (semantic predicates) beyond XSLT and JavaScript capabilities, including document/shape/movie transformation, language transformation, system transformation, network transformation and world transformation.
6. Create languages or APIs which express generation beyond current X3D example documents/shapes/movies, including language generation, system generation, network generation, and world generation.
7. Build worlds which contain training, operational, logistic, tactical and strategic elements.

Is it still possible to write your own job description in this market?



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