[x3d-public] Transformational Semantics for X3D

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 04:06:46 PDT 2019

Expressing transformational semantics in X3D.

Line from Job Posting:  Create languages or APIs which express transformations (semantic predicates) beyond XSLT and JavaScript capabilities, including node/document/shape/movie transformation, language or schema transformation, scenegraph transformation, system transformation, network transformation and world transformation.

What are the semantics for X3D transformation for nodes/documents/shapes/movies/languages/schemas/scenegraphs/systems/networks/worlds?

Rough draft:

1. Create/Update Tag
2. Create/Delete Element
3. Create/Update/Delete attribute name value
4. Add Child Element
5. Add CDATA element
6. Add Comment

1.  Transform group or shape within scenegraph
2. Change a transform
3. Replace shape
4. Delete shape/transform/group
5. Replace Material
6. Replace Texture
7. Replace Appearance
8. Change URL

1. Create Update Delete point
2. Create Update Delete triangle
3. Create Update Delete face
1.  Replace Pixel
2. BitBlt on Pixel array
3. Create Update Delete frame(s)
4. Create Update Delete sound(s)
1.  Create Update Delete NodeType or ObjectType
2. Create Update Delete field
3. Create Update Delete attribute name or value
X3D (scenegraph)
1.  Update Schema (filter, append temporary schema)
2. Change natural languages.
DIS Simulation
1. Add/Update/Remove Participant/Avatar
2. Add/Update/Remove Bot
3. Add/Update/Remove scenegraph
1. Add/Update/Remove DIS Simulation

Don, can we add schema/language (I18N, L10N, probably properties files), simulation and world (supporting multiple simulations) classes to X3DJSAIL, if not present?   Thanks!
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