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John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 12:37:15 PDT 2019

In addition to the transform tag, there’s also a concept of transforming shapes or models. I have not seen any mention of applying semantics to shape yet. I suggest the following words leading to what I call “metamorphical semantics”:
1. Bend
2. Break
3. Straighten
4. Glue/Rivet/Bolt/Attach
5. Drill
6. Screw
7. Saw/Cut
8. Stab
9. Spoon (verb)
10. Pour
11. Chew
12. Bite
13. Filter
14. Mold
15. Open
16. Close
17. Apply Function (my orbital use case, transforming a sphere into a rose in a shader).   Also, FX3D and FVRML.
18. Pedal (verb)
19. Steer (verb)
20. Turn (verb)
21. Gallop
22. Canter
23. Run
24. Jump
25. Walk
26. Stroll
27. Plow
28. Collide
29. Explode
30. More?

I believe these is handled in X3D through interpolators and HAnimMotion tag.   There are several types of interpolators.

I found this:


As a side note:  Metamorphical fantasy is most interesting for me.

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