[x3d-public] From "Symbols of Transformation" to "Maps of Meaning" and beyond

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 16:26:52 PDT 2019

So Jordan Peterson has been focusing on “Symbols of Transformation” and “Maps of Meaning.”   This is very low level thinking, and the way to raise complexity, I believe, is encoded in this table:

The highest in the table is Language and Communication in Augmented Universes.

I suppose I should look into Systems, Networks, and Worlds of Language and Communication?


Communicating Augmented Universes.

What is the best way to communicate about, between, and in Augmented Universes? X3D?   X3D-RDF?

If you refer to my work on Fluid Semantics, Dynamic Semantics, Transformation Semantics, and Chaotic Grammars, please refer to it as the “Hot Air Language,” or HAL.

Yeah, that’s when you battery in your key runs low, and you car locks you out.


Dave  “Open the pod bay doors, HAL”  Astronaut
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