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John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Wed May 1 10:52:52 PDT 2019

>It would be amiss to completely disregard gaming or the games industry,
>this is where a lot (most ?) of innovation in realtime 3D is coming from these days.

Please update my Wikipedia pages, if you know about game DSLs and game IDEs:


Most of my attention has been on games on my Roku (I highly recommend the Roku, but not for 3D) or PS4.

I’m not disregarding the games industry, I just pay attention to collaborative cross-platform 3D game engines in JavaScript with a built in web IDE.  What do you suggest?   As a web programmer,  I feel compelled to use an IDE that runs in the web.  It’s like eating your own dog food.   Why do you as a web programmer or games programmer get to use this super fancy IDE, and then you leave your users to a crippled web app?  Thus, I program in vim, bash, and occasionally, PlayCanvas, if I’m developing a 3D app.  I’m looking for a web-based 3D IDE that will additionally export VRML/X3D to start seriously getting into authoring/programming VRML/X3D for the web.  If I was a VR programmer, I would use Unreal Editor VR Mode.

I finally found this!  But it exports it’s own JSON format.


Cool!  Can I update this so it exports something compatible with X3DJSONLD?  Wow!  Can I work on this, at least to import/export X3D JSON?  Maybe hook it up to GitHub?

Anything else?

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