[x3d-public] [x3d] Resources Working Group, vSlam, blogs!

Brutzman, Donald (Don) (CIV) brutzman at nps.edu
Wed May 1 11:49:23 PDT 2019

Thanks for the offer John.

Please be advised that Web3D Working Groups take a lot of work and need to have goals/deliverables etc. with a formal process and charter approved by Web3D Board of Directors.

	Web3D Working Groups

Resources are always welcome.  Am happy to add new capabilities or updated information to the very rich set of assets at

	X3D Resources

You are quite right about vslam - apologies, I mistakenly thought they were added earlier... apparently a prior inquiry wasn't completed.

Now included:

	X3D Resources: Applications, Players and Plugins for X3D / VRML Viewing

	20. V-Slam browser for virtual and mixed reality devices, also released as open source based on Unity3D engine.

The x3d-public mailing list is a great place for discussions.  It is always open and archived so steady improvement is possible for all of us.  Umm, here we are!

Looking forward to continued progress, community + working groups + consortium together.

v/r Don

On 5/1/2019 6:25 AM, John Carlson wrote:
> Should we form a resources working group that looks at graphics cards, architectures, languages, libraries, browsers, authoring tools, and conversion tools for web3d?
> I think this new group could spur a lot of healthy discussion.
> I would be willing to chair.
> How do I get the new group approved?
> Speaking of server-side X3D, look at:
> https://github.com/awonnink/vSlam
> Probably should be added to the resources page.
> Would the product of this group be a blog, perhaps?  I didn’t even realize there were blogs before.  HEY FOLKS! There’s blogs!
> John

all the best, Don
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