[x3d-public] Python users survey

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Mon May 20 20:52:37 PDT 2019

Current python users, please answer this survey.

1. I use python on a regular basis [Y/N]
2. I use jupyter on a regular basis [Y/N]
3. I use python to generate X3DOM/X_ITE. [Y/N] Which?
4. I use H3D [Y/N]
5. I am interested in a standard 3D scenegraph API for python on the web [Y/N]
6. I use PyOpenGL [Y/N]
7. I use https://thehubbit.github.io/PyInventor/ [Y/N]
8. What is the best python 3D scenegraph API you’ve used on the web?
9. I’ve often wished there was something like X3DJSAIL for python [Y/N]
10. I’ve programmed something like X3DJSAIL for python. [Y/N]
11. Python should be standardized [Y/N]
12. What Python IDE do you use on a regular basis?
13. If you generate X3DOM in Jupyter, what function do you use to display the X3DOM as a scene?



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