[x3d-public] patch to JSON schemas

Brutzman, Donald (Don) (CIV) brutzman at nps.edu
Fri May 24 07:03:40 PDT 2019

Hi John.  Thanks for keeping things tuned up as best we can while we await JSON Schema finalization.


"The current version is draft-07!"

"Update as of 31 March 2019.  You may be wondering what in the world is going on with this draft? The short version is: we are entering the home stretch. There are some ideas for simplifying $id that we are considering, and then there will be a final review period for feedback on overall flow and clarity."


"draft-08, Past due by 4 months, 93% complete.  This theme of draft-08 is re-use and modularity."

The patch you applied using %7C seems less readable and harder to maintain than the existing entries.  As an example, I assume that you are modifying constructs such as

XML Schema
	<xs:element name="skin" type="MFNode" fixed="inputOutputField" default="Group|Transform|Shape|IndexedFaceSet"/>

	<field type="MFNode"

to produce an excerpt like

[line 27420]
	"-Group%7CTransform%7CShape%7CIndexedFaceSetMFNode": {

[lines 9130-9132]
	"-skin": {

               "$ref": "#/definitions/-Group%7CTransform%7CShape%7CIndexedFaceSetMFNode"


a. what does JSON Schema currently suggest for such constructs?
b. is the original | character triggering a problem or unacceptable for some reason?
c. is there any way to validate these schemas yet?
d. Why is MFNode tacked on the end?
e. Are you turning acceptableNodeTypes value into a JSON label?  If so, perhaps a hyphen is better.
f. what does fuzz.js do?

Suggest we plan to give a full scrub when json-schema draft-08 is released, that will also let us provide feedback to them.

On 5/23/2019 4:51 AM, John Carlson wrote:
> A patch was made to JSON schema generation to replace | with %7C in more places.
> All generated JSON schemas were affected
> This fixed was verified with the fuzz.js JSON schema driven examples.
> The whole scenario means we need a test plan.
> New schemas are here:
> https://github.com/coderextreme/X3DJSONLD/tree/master/src/main/schema
> John

all the best, Don
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