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Holger Seelig holger.seelig at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 5 23:53:02 PDT 2019

You only need to add HAnimJoint nodes to the list of joint nodes of 
HAnimHumanoid which affect the coordinate animation, ie. HAnimJoint 
nodes that have skinCoordIndex.length != 0. I think this is right, 
skinning coords must be added to skinCoord of HAnimHumanoid, and 
skinning joints must be added to joints of HAnimHumanoid. This is a hint 
to the browser, and the joint field must for good for something. The 
specification does not say much about these fields, maybe there should 
be a better explanation for what these fields are good.

I attached the file with HAnimJoint nodes added in line 230, words well.

Found a second issue in the file, there are only 4 texCoord and no 
texCoordIndex, ie. coordIndex is used. There are a lot indices but only 
four tex coord points. The specification is clear in that point: If the 
greatest index in the /coordIndex/ field is N, then there shall be N+1 
texture coordinates in the /X3DTextureCoordinateNode/ node 
Otherwise the behavior is undefined, X3DOM uses modulo to determine tex 
coords, X_ITE has another way to do, don't know what other browsers do.

Best regards,

On 06.10.19 03:51, Joseph D Williams wrote:
> Thanks, Holger, I will see what I can do to add the joints list. Do we 
> need all joints, segments, sites lists?
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