[x3d-public] Removal of Layout component in X3D v4

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Holger, Michalis et al,
I third both motions.
1) Layout/Layer - I remember thinking there was something a bit strange and
fuzzy-thought maybe Scene:Layer and Layout:Layer would make some sense as
long as you can route or hyper-route between them, in other words instead
of Layer as a node type buried in a scene, it could be a hyperscene of some
So maybe some refactoring. But seemed handy - I like it.
2) DIS - I implemented just so I could cross the FULL finish line for
bragging rights, but no one has asked for it, and I keep it disabled in the
browser unless specifically turned on by commandline option by user. It
doesn't fit well with what we are doing -some military-specific nodes- but
other multi-player designs might be interesting perhaps at a hyper-scene
level rather than buried in scene nodes.
Doug Sanden, FreeWRL

On Tue, Oct 8, 2019 at 8:06 AM Michalis Kamburelis <michalis.kambi at gmail.com>

> From the point of view of Castle Game Engine / view3dscene, I can
> support both Holger's suggestions :)
> 1. While we don't implement Layout component *yet* in CGE, it does
> seem useful and users are actually asking me to implement it. So
> (speaking for users) deprecating Layout does not seem desired.
>     (The reason why it's not implemented *yet* in CGE is that it
> wasn't desperately needed, because in CGE we have a similar feature
> covering similar use-case. CGE developer can use several
> TCastleSceneManager or TCastleUserInterface Pascal components rendered
> on top of each other. This covers similar use-cases as the X3D Layout
> component. Although it is not available to X3D author (using only
> view3dscene), it's only available to CGE developer designing the UI
> using CGE components in Pascal.)
> 2. I don't think we will ever implement, or need, DIS in
> CGE/view3dscene. DIS seems tailored to a specific use-case/application
> of a military simulation.
>      While some terms of DIS (like "ammunition" or "detonations")
> occur also in computer games, they would definitely not be expressed
> by DIS nodes (because each game has very different needs here) by CGE
> users. Thus, we have no chance of ever achieving "Full" profile
> compatibility for X3D within CGE -- as "Full" includes DIS.
>     If DIS is indeed useful to particular military organizations,
> perhaps the DIS component could be moved to a separate specification,
> and not be part of the  "Full" profile? And if it's not used, the
> simply deprecating it seems like a reasonable choice. I'm not aware of
> any other 3D model format that contains this feature, at least in
> "core".
> Best regards,
> Michalis
> wt., 8 paź 2019 o 09:46 Holger Seelig <holger.seelig at googlemail.com>
> napisał(a):
> >
> > I don't see why the Layout component should be removed in the new X3D v4
> > standard. It is fully implemented in X_ITE and Titania, and Titania has
> > a nice Layout Editor, which makes the use of this component very easy.
> > With the Layout component it is possible to place something in a corner
> > or edge of the screen, or make something as large as the screen.
> > Removing this component will removing these possibilities.
> >
> > I think a better candidate of removing a component is the DIS component.
> > It is a component for purely military use, which I think has nothing to
> > do with X3D standard. The only purpose of this component is to play war
> > like in Counter-Strike, and to model war simulations for the army, which
> > is not my intention.
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Holger
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