Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Earth on target marker.
AR on smart phone
AR/MR Office
Executive Summary: 

The Augmented Reality (AR) Working Group was formed to address the needs of projecting computer generated information into the real world. The Working Group focuses on utilizing and extending X3D capabilities to support augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) applications.

Augmented and Mixed Reality has been getting popular as various applications were introduced since smartphones broke into wider consumer market. While current AR applications on smartphones focus on information browsing services, mostly providing text and 2D image based information to the users, AR and MR are three-dimensional interfaces by nature, and it will gain more focus on providing 3D graphics content as the technology gets mature.

Consortium formed a special interest group on AR initiatives in July 2009. Several Web3D Consortium member projects has been showcasing the feasibility of AR in X3D, particularly X3DOM open source produced by Fraunhofer IGD. Meanwhile, Web3D Korea Chapter members also proposed couple of proposals for extending X3D standard to support AR and MR visualization. Based on these efforts, Web3D consortium moved forward to forming the AR Working Group in order to explore wide variety of possibilities to extend X3D capabilities to support 3D enriched AR and MR applications.

Initial goals of AR WG include:

  • Collect requirements and describe typical use cases for using X3D in AR/MR applications
  • Produce and propose X3D components for AR/MR scenes and applications
  • Produce sample AR/MR applications using X3D to demonstrate how this functionality can work correctly


Working group membership is open to all members of the Web3D Community. We welcome  members of the Consortium and anyone interested in Augmented Reality Standards. You can email the chairs for further information.

Gun Lee
Timo Engelke