[Korea-chapter] [X3D] Korea Chapter Meeting, Nov. 10, 5:10pm, PDT (Nov. 11, 10:10am, Korea)

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Wed Nov 10 18:43:14 PST 2010

Attendees:  Myeong Won Lee, Gun Lee, Anita Havele, Dick Puk, Don Brutzman.

On 11/9/2010 11:48 PM, Myeong Won Lee wrote:
> The agenda items are as follows:
> 1. AR WG
> - Necessary or not?
> - Web3D Consortium ==> not necessary? conform to W3C's activity?
> - AR WG at ISO/IEC JTC1 SC24 ==> possibility depends on Gerard's Study Group Report 2011 with a new work item? not necessary? conform to other SC's activity?

I expect that Web3D Consortium is going to form an AR Working Group,
probably in January.  However there was not a good connection made
at last week's TPAC meeting regarding AR.

I recommend that we work on the charter for the AR Working Group
while working together in Seoul next month.  Hopefully we can start
a draft prior to that meeting.  Anita and I are taking responsibility
for starting that charter, it will be worked on cooperatively using
the Web3D Member Wiki.

We will also probably start a Declarative 3D Incubator Group in W3C.
Some more work is needed to coordinate activities.  This is also a
good topic for discussion during our visit.

Here is our current plan for working on these topics with Fraunhofer.
- 16 Tuesday, X3D HTML5 call: Augmented Reality AR Charter and Mobile Profile
- 23 Tuesday, X3D HTML5 call: W3C Declarative 3D Interest Group possibilities

> 2. 3D Environmental Information System Standardization Workshop, COEX Convention Center, Seoul, Korea (SIGGRAPH ASIA 2010)
> December 14, Tuesday, 9:30am - 12:30pm, 2010
> - Call for participation by November 30
> We would like to discuss standardization items for 3D environmental information applications such as
> 3D management systems for CCTV and security alarm devices with GIS.
> Several of our own works will be presented, and of course we welcome submission of other works.

Sounds interesting.  I hope that this can be publicized via the Web3D websites.

> 3. Web3D Seoul meeting, Seoul, Korea, COEX Convention Center, Seoul, Korea,
> December 14, Tuesday, 2:00 - 5:00pm, 2010
> - Call for participation by November 30
> At the Web3D Seoul Meeting, we would like to discuss our proposals and details
> about the possibility of including them in the X3D specification. Enhancements
> about the proposals will be presented and discussed. Additional new proposals
> (other than proposals already submitted) may be presented depending on submission.

Agreed, sounds good.  We should probably prioritize as follows:
1. Proposals ready (or nearly ready) for inclusion in X3D v3.3
2. Technical work in progress
3. New work

The key to any proposal being supported in X3D v3.3 will be examples
and multiple implementations. May I suggest that Korea Chapter
participants start populating the wiki sections for the
X3D v3.3 specification with details for your mature proposals,
available at

We plan to continue the following day to complete any work needed
for the proposed changes in v3.3.

> 4. Web3D Editing Meeting, COEX Convention Center, Seoul, Korea,
> December 15, Wednesday, 10:00am - 5:00pm, 2010

Expected attendees:  Myeong Won Lee, Kwan Hee Yoo, Gun Lee,
Soon Hung Han, Dick Puk, Don Brutzman.

We will be working on the wiki page above to finalize specification
prose and plans.  I am hoping that we can also work on the X3D v3.3
XML schema.

Anyone else in Web3D is also welcome to join, in person or possibly
by phone.  We will investigate whether this is possible (i.e. not
too expensive) if there is interest in  someone dialing into the
Web3D Conference line.  We also expect to have good internet connection
so Skype will be an alternative.

> 5. Web3D Booth Participation, COEX Convention Center, Seoul Korea
> December 16-18, Thursday-Saturday
> - Web3D Korea Chapter Brochure (in English and Korean)
> - PartDB Co., Ltd.(www.partdb.com <http://www.partdb.com>) Brochure (in Korean), related to KAIST
> - Call for participation by November 30

Tech Talk will be 16 December at 1000-1100 on the SIGGRAPH ASIA
show floor.

We are also asking for updates to build a new X3D Showcase DVD.
That message has just been sent.

> 6. New work items proposals
> 1) Units specification (Myeong Won Lee)
> 2) Projective texture mapping (Kwan-Hee Yoo)
> 3) Mixed reality visualization (Gun Lee)
> 4) CAD translation to X3D (Soonhung Han)
> 5) H-Anim motion data definition (Myeong Won Lee)
> 6) Mobile X3D functions (Myeong Won Lee)
> 7) Geometric medical data (Kwan Hee Yoo)
> 8) X3D Digital Textbook (Kwan Hee Yoo)

Very good

> 7. Scheduling the next Korean chapter meeting

We decided on the following:

December 8, Wednesday, at 5:00pm PDT (December 9, Thursday, at 10:00am Korea time)

Our agenda will be final preparations for the SIGGRAPH ASIA meetings.

all the best, Don
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