[Korea-chapter] W3C Launches HTML5 Korean Interest Group

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Thu Nov 11 11:07:44 PST 2010


> W3C Launches HTML5 Korean Interest Group
> 09 November 2010
> W3C has launched the HTML5 Korean Interest Group, whose mission is to facilitate focused discussion in Korean of the HTML5 specification and of specifications closely related to HTML5, to gather comments and questions in Korean about those specifications, to collect information about specific use cases in Korea for technologies defined in those specifications, and to report the results of its activities as a group back to the HTML Working Group and others in the community. Learn more in the charter, join the Interest Group, and learn more about the W3C HTML Activity.

If any Korea Chapter members want to explore the synergy between
X3D and HTML5, that would be great.  Our progress and results are
online at

Myeong-Won Lee, you are welcome to include X3D and HTML5 as a topic
on our upcoming meeting agenda.

all the best, Don
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