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Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Mon Feb 3 21:33:45 PST 2020

Wow, some intense (borderline astonishing) ideas in no time flat!  Hello out there!  8)


On 2/3/2020 5:24 PM, GPU Group wrote:
>  > i wrote:>  > Might anyone else be interested in submitting a semantics-related paper, perhaps we can organize a semantics session?  We have 19 days.
> IDEA: render scenes found to an image/screenshot and train AI with (screenshot,semantics) tuples, so when AI sees a screenshot of something, it can tell what's in the scene;.
> -
> Doug

What I really like about this idea is that the idea of a limited training set almost becomes moot.  With CG rendering, with corresponding known semantics, and a variety of viewpoints/lighting/filters/effects/etc. a system could create an arbitrarily large synthetic training set for any set of objects.

That could be a major project and a significant advance in computer vision.


On 2/3/2020 5:37 PM, Felix Hamza-Lup wrote:
> Another idea related to _*medical X3D and associated ontology*_. I have a few ideas but I'm under heavy workload this month.
> Building an Ontology for various surgical tasks .... dental procedures... for simulation and training purposes.

HAnim 2 includes
- a number of baseline aliases for joints, segments, sites;
- these could be matched to any number of medical ontologies through triple correspondences,
- addition of HAnimMotion node (patterned after BVH) for motion animation is an enabler for building a library of surgical/dental tasks and procedures.

Suggested path forward:
- mature our tools further, adding OBJ/Shape/STL support for 3DMD and NIH device printing,
- implement security in tools using XML Digital Signature (authentication) and XML Encryption (privacy),
- combine these to establish baseline for X3D supporting medical records,
- voila, any work on medical ontology has approximately everyone to apply results to.


On 2/3/2020 6:00 PM, Nicholas Polys wrote:
> Apologies, these meetings are not on my calendar apparently

Mondays 08-09 pacific (like other working group calls)

> but
> I love this idea ~
> my Master's student last year did a study with real scenes:
>     Feed Me: an in-situ Augmented Reality Annotation Tool for Computer Vision
> https://vtechworks.lib.vt.edu/handle/10919/90897

wow again.  CV and AR puts humans in that sophisticated loop.

if we add synthetic training imagery from X3D image snapshots then the possibilities seem approximately unlimited.

>   it was not X3D though... :-]
> maybe we could try w X3D renderings and see how different objects recognition techniques fare...

makes sense

>   ... would they match the X3DOnto description?

The X3D Ontology fully matches X3D version 4, getting updated via X3DUOM each time the working group approves a change.

At some point will autogenerate X3D ontologies for earlier versions of X3D 3.0-3.3, please holler if needed sooner.


These are all potentially huge.  Does anyone have anything that can reach escape velocity over next 18 days?

all the best, Don
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