[semantics-public] 17 FEB 2020: X3D Ontology namespace changed; X3D Semantic Web meeting minutes; future domains

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Mon Feb 17 09:15:47 PST 2020

Meeting 17 FEB 2020, attendees Jakub and Don.

Prior minutes for Semantic Web Working Group:

* [x3d-public] URL resolution problem on web3d.org - for X3D Ontology Assets; X3D Semantic Web meeting minutes

* X3D Semantic Web Working Group

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1. All query examples have been updated to match new namespace identifier:


X3D Ontology for Semantic Web: Resources

* X3D Ontology X3dOntology4.0.ttl is our primary product from X3DUOM.
* Also producing X3dOntology4.0.rdf version using Protege.

* Official URI namespace:
   PREFIX x3do: <http://www.web3d.org/specifications/X3dOntology4.0#>

* TODO: request Webmaster fix symbolic link from http://www.web3d.org/specifications/X3dOntology4.0 to


2. Jakub and I are planning to write a Web3D 2020 paper on X3DUOM.


3. Really interesting discussion following minutes of 2 weeks ago:

* [x3d-public] URL resolution problem on web3d.org - for X3D Ontology Assets; X3D Semantic Web meeting minutes

Multiple application domains were suggested for potential use with X3D Ontology.  Additional prior topics pertain.

a. Creation of synthetic images from 3D scene snapshots to train Computer Vision (CV) using machine learning (ML).
b. Medical ontology for surgical and dental procedures for simulation and training purposes.
c. Human Animation (HAnim 2) includes full anatomic detail for skeletal joints and segments, skin, sites, and motion animation.
    In effect we have one from X3D, but maybe an HAnim Ontology should be produced separately in greater detail - name aliases, structural connection relationships (elbow contains forearm), etc.  Interesting!  A number of low-level animation and ontology concepts might be mapped and integrated.  TBD is whether this is part of X3D or else a separate ontology.
d. Work in progress with ISO colleagues regarding ontologies for both geometric topology and CAD concepts.
e. Providing both hints and results for shape-classification algorithms, enabling further inference.
f. Providing appropriate provenance metadata regarding geometric models that originated as a 3D scan.
g. Cross-domain ontology relationships as a mapping ontology.
h. As we progress, embedding metadata in models that provide connections/links/labels for semantic relationships.

Many exciting possibilities present themselves.  Request inputs and we will consider writing up initial strategies for each application domain.

Next week 2D FEB 2020 we will attempt to consolidate this points and all input discussions into a *X3D Semantic Web Development Roadmap.*


4. And next.

Special thanks to John Carlson for excellent ideas, references and YouTube links that continue to provide benefit.

New candidate slogan:  "Semantic Web is why search works."  This is a distant corollary to "all AI techniques are search."

As Jakub points out, this is also the way in which we actually understand how things work.

Have fun with X3D Semantic Web!  :)

all the best, Don
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