[X3D-Public] O3D - Google's 3D JavaScript API

Len Bullard cbullard at hiwaay.net
Wed Apr 22 16:50:32 PDT 2009

Money.  It is the only power they've never had to do without.

Which means they've forgotten the web and know they can ignore X3D/VRML
because the web let's them.

Or maybe the web is bigger than they are.  What say you folks?  We've been
on this list a long time together.  Do you still believe communities are
stronger than companies?  Or more to the point, are communities of companies
stronger than any company?

Or only money matters?  I guess if we have to imitate the music industry
(hey, whatever happened to THOSE guys), we'll get the same tests.

You put your finger on it though: marketing.   Turns out it's not all
powerful.  Developers are the original passive aggressives.  ;-)


From: x3d-public-bounces at web3d.org [mailto:x3d-public-bounces at web3d.org] On
Behalf Of GLG

However, I am wondering if the fact that such companies as
Google and IBM (last year) are not getting it is symptomatic
of something WE are not doing? How can they be so
misinformed, or are they? It's almost as though they don't
know we exist (or do they) until they try doing it
themselves. If they simply choose to ignore Web3D then what
are the reasons? Technology, Control, or Money?

Web3D has been working on establishing 3D Web standards for
about a decade and a half. Oh but that's ok guys, we are new
at this but we can do it better, the marketing that is.  


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