[X3D-Public] Games in X3D

GLG info at 3dnetproductions.com
Sat Apr 25 03:48:15 PDT 2009

>are there any game written in X3D?
>if not what feature are missing that are needed?

I do not want it to sound too much like a plug, but take a
look at this if you haven't in a while:


While it's still pretty much a work in progress, a whole lot
has been done so far with this very large MMOG project. But
you can already see many game elements implemented together
with a social world. Pay particular attention to the HUD for

About architecture walkthrough, this social game world has
working doors, elevators, light and video switches, moving,
operational furniture, game-like levels, and other goodies.
Many more are in the pipeline as we speak. It will take you
a while to discover it all. Get yourself a free UserID or a
paid one if you want to use your own screen name. Schedule a
session with me and I can walk you through many of the
world's features.

As far as X3D's missing features, there isn't really
anything we have not been able to do that we've attempted to
date using BS Contact. Things that we are looking at for the
future are the HAnimHumanoid node to hopefully better and
standardize our avatar gestures, and the NetworkSensor node
to standardize the way worlds connect to each other and
hopefully add more scalable management of networked world

Be sure to visit 3dnetpro.com and 3dnpvei.com for more

Have fun,

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