[X3D-Public] Beyond Viewpoint: X3D Camera Nodes for Digital Cinematography

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.navy.mil
Tue Jun 9 09:58:09 PDT 2009

Jeff and I have written a paper for Web3D 2009 Symposium in Germany
next week.

This paper describes four candidate X3D extension nodes: Camera, Shot, Movement and OfflineRendering. An X3D lexicon for camera movements is defined so that individuals directing virtual cameras in X3D can directly apply terms that film directors and cinematographers understand. This approach greatly simplifies the technical tasks involved in creating precise camera animations and setting up still images for digital photography. Further, candidate methods are examined for implementing Depth of Field for focus control. Moving beyond the typical clumsiness of Viewpoint control can enable authors to create compelling still and moving images from X3D scenes.


Our initial implementation scene works in 3 different browsers now and is at

The X3D Working Group has agreed to review and consider these nodes
for possible inclusion in the X3D version 3.3 standard.

Comments/feedback welcome.

all the best, Don
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